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Land prospecting & acquisition

Our prospecting team is one of the pillars of our company in order to increase the profitability of the projects we offer. It is the expertise of our prospecting and market intelligence staff that allows us to position ourselves near high-potential sites and to acquire with the best advantages thanks to our targeting process and digital segmentation.


It is this unique synergy that allows us to offer you the project of your dreams.

The main criterions we are looking for before investing in a real estate project


Economic Dynamic

Demographic Growth

Rental Demand


Average Cost of Real Estate

Atimco, your real estate partner

Our expertise

The goal is clear from the very first hole we dug and it is innovation that carves that goal every day. The undeniable dynamism of the Atlas teams and the desire to triumph together allows us to be an engine of prosperity for the members and customers of our company.


At Atimco, success becomes real when it is shared with others.

Our credo is our added value in the lives of our teams and our customers to enjoy together the success of our projects.


The Atimco difference is to maximize our knowledge and our experience to allow ourselves never to be surprised by a trend or the competition in order to understand, see and seize the potential behind each opportunity.

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