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Let us bring your project to the next level.

Project development

At Atlas Development, the success of a project begins with a development plan and methodical regulatory planning. We rely on unique sensitivity analyzes that aim to take advantage of the physical characteristics of the site.

The objective is to optimize the feasibility of our acquisitions and to present a complete project to the municipalities in order to obtain favorable support for obtaining permits. From municipal regulatory content to development solutions, our staff is dedicated to making our projects profitable and leveraging sustainable development.


Feasibility study with layout sketches and volumetry

Optimisation and Planning

Analysis and optimization of field performance for project planning

Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory review and design

Engineering Design

Project engineering design and coordination of professionals


Delivery of documentation and obtaining permits with follow-up

Let us bring your project to the next level.

Development Management

The strength of Atlas Development lies in the synergy with our acquisition department and our mastery of the management of development activities.

Our innovative and diversified approach aims to offer our clients a partnership of scale in the investment, planning, development and optimization of strategic sites for the realization of projects as needed.

Atimco, your real estate partner

Our expertise

The goal is clear from the very first hole we dug and it is innovation that carves that goal every day. The undeniable dynamism of the Atlas teams and the desire to triumph together allows us to be an engine of prosperity for the members and customers of our company.


At Atimco, success becomes real when it is shared with others.

Our credo is our added value in the lives of our teams and our customers to enjoy together the success of our projects.


The Atimco difference is to maximize our knowledge and our experience to allow ourselves never to be surprised by a trend or the competition in order to understand, see and seize the potential behind each opportunity.

Preconception Development & Project Development

  • Project Creation
    - Creating a project marketing plan - Obtaining permits, coordinating and designing plans - Optimizing financial performance - Negotiation and obtaining financing (construction loan, bridge, long-term financing, exit strategy, etc.) - Project development management - Marketing
  • Preconception Planning
    - Market intelligence and strategic positioning - Research, acquisition and due diligence - Market, economic and rental value study - Financial modeling and investment analysis
  • Operational Phase
    - Sale and rental off plan - Obtaining service contracts - Comprehensive property management service - Tracking construction delays - Managing unit deliveries - Project closing financial analysis
  • Construction
    - Construction Budget Design - Construction Services - Construction works management - Development project management - Financial management
Architectural Plans
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